Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bridal Emergency Kit

Hands-on bride? If your answer is yes, then read. I've discussed in my other post the things that couple should do from the planning stage to the wedding day with the assumption that the plan is a year before the event. Now, if you have no on-the-day wedding coordinator, a bride surely must have a couple of things to prepare and bring in the hotel, church up to the reception - that is, her own Bridal Emergency Kit.

What is a Bridal Emergency Kit? - It is a collection of items and tools that a bride should have on her wedding day just in case something unexpected happens. This of course should not be carried personally by the bride. She can entrust this to someone, a family member would be best.

Why do we need a Bridal Emergency Kit?
- On almost all occasions, some things that are unexpected happens. But on a wedding where the bride and the groom planned everything with care and utmost detailed were fully considered, everything has to be as seamless as possible. With that in mind, a bride would naturally think that she has to prepare for everything that could come along the way, little mishaps and emergencies included. That is why this kit will aid her in taking care of those tiny glitches that can possibly ruin the event.

What comprises the Bridal Emergency Kit?
- Below is a list of some things that a bride must include in the her bridal kit and some information why they are needed.

  • MEDICINES - antacids, pain relievers, loperamides, anti-allergy and personal maintenance medicines should there be any.
  • EXTRA HOSIERY - just in case you need to change or the one you're using gets a bad run.
  • NAIL POLISH - a clear one. can be used in stocking runs too and can easily fix chipped polish.
  • MINTS - clearly. to keep your breath fresh. remember, you will be mingling with so many guests!
  • HANKY - to dab those tears away or to clear some smudges like lipsticks or make-up.
  • HAIR PINS - a must. to keep hair in place. i've actually done a wedding where the florist put a safety pin on the flowers girls' head dress instead of a hair pin. this always come in handy in almost all weddings.
  • SAFETY PINS - another must have.
  • THREADS & NEEDLES - just in case something out of the ordinary happens, you are always pretty and ready to take care of everything.
  • SCISSORS - a small scissor will do. can be for loose strings, tags, etc.
  • BOTTLED WATER, BISCUIT & STRAW - bride's have a lot of preparation to do before even getting in the church. she can get hungry and thirsty. a biscuit will be good and to avoid a lipstick smudge, drink with a straw.

This kit actually doesn't have to be for the bride alone. In case something happens to anyone in your bridal party, you can always offer your help. They will be thankful for you having this kit prepared.


lanielang said...

hello der! like ur site! im actually recommending it to my friends who are getting married this year!!

mye said...

hi lanie - thanks for dropping by. i am so glad you like my site. please do come often and feel free to leave your comments.

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