Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mamba-Villaflor Nuptials

I really laughed out loud when Dencio sent me a YM message asking why I haven't featured his wedding in this blog. I just can't help it. Primarily, because I thought he wouldn't want me to share the details of his wedding in my site.

Anyway, I actually don't intend to post much wedding outside Bride's Company. Why? I don't want other planners to think that I am using their events for my personal gain. Nevertheless, I can't say no to a friend! And since I already got the permission of the groom, I am so blessed to write an article about a wedding so unique and extravagant!

As a brief introduction, the groom, Dencio was my former boss (uhurm) and friend of course! We worked together for more than 3 years and I've known him having Charo by his side since then. When one day, he called me (well, not only me I bet!) saying he's going to propose on a cruise, I was so surprised. I mean, not the proposal but really, you're getting married, I asked? If you know him, you really won't believe at first but then, he got married and I know, we know, that Charo was the only woman he loved and will ever love - *wink wink*

The Bridal March

Their wedding was held at The Fernwood Gardens last December 23, 2008. That evening, the venue was full of politicians and good friends of the couple. The priest (I should mention it!) was really astounding. He was so clever and funny. We can't help but giggle at his jokes during the Homily and in fairness, he delivered a good one.

Dencio, with the Priest
(was this taken during your confession?)

At the reception, we met old friends, colleagues and even former Japanese bosses. During the program, we were able to watch a very very funny AVP which - really, I did not expect for a wedding. But you know, it was really good (see HERE). Official wedding photos and videos were taken by Til's Digital Photography and Videography.

The food from Centertable was also great. It showed the couple's passion for good food. The wine and champaigne keep on coming. Dencio's arrogance is really in the air! Hahaha! Don't worry, he is well aware of it. He even told me the price of each of the wine served!

The musician - Da Capo, did a great job. They are not just musicians but instrumentalist. Each of their members know how to play at least 2 or 3 instruments which they showed during the entire event.

Charo and Dencio after the ceremony

Overall, the wedding was perfect for me. It was a very blissful wedding which Dencio and Charo should be proud about. Not your usual wedding though, but surely one that you will NEVER forget.



redkathy said...

what a beautiful wedding!