Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Eclipse - Dalusong Nuptials

Well to kick off my comeback to this blog, I'd like to share to you a wedding I handled last May 8. I personally know the couple and I thank them for trusting me. Nowadays, I find it hard to have acquaintances get my service because of several reasons which they personally wouldn't want to honestly share. I understand and respect their decision. And as much as possible, I firmly stay with the rates I offer to be fair to all my clients.

Ok, on to the wedding. The groom is a friend of a friend who happened to be our officemate when I was still in a Japanese firm. He is Gerald. The bride, Day is a newcomer to the same firm but when I left so I was not able to personally witness their romance unlike that of Tinee and RD. (I remember, I have not yet blogged about their wedding in this site). I will catch up my friend.

When Gerald contacted me 3 years after I left the company, I was surprised to discover he is getting married. I never knew who the bride will be that time. When he finally decided to get my service, we met at Galleria to discuss the details of the wedding. Oh I forgot, my handsome groom confirmed his booking less than 2 weeks before the wedding! So, it was kind of difficult to polish everything for we have a very limited time but we were able to pull through. Here are some of the pictures taken from the event:

More pictures here.

Ceremony and Reception:
Blue Gardens
Ferzze Zapata Photography
Hair & Make-up:
Nina Dumpa
Catering Service:
Hizon's Catering

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to Business

I have been out for some time and have not been updating this blog. But now, I have come back and due to some advice and requests, I am pursuing this blog as my 3rd. I have other blogs in my care - Blog Appetite and Home & Parenting

And to start off, I have been preparing for a post on my latest wedding. So watch out for it dear readers.

Thank you to everyone who've stayed and who keeps on visiting this site over the last 3 months. Your support is very much appreciated.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Répondez S'il Vous Plaît - Is It Important?

R.S.V.P - the most common letters one would find in a wedding invitation. But what does it mean?

It stands for Répondez S'il Vous Plaît, a French phrase which means "Please Respond" or literally, "Respond, if You Please". It means that when you receive an invitation, you must send your response to the host if you are attending the event or not. Most invitations come with a response card that the guests can mail right away while some have their wedding planner's number that the guests can call or send message to.

In Western countries, etiquette follows that if you receive a written invitation, you have to respond promptly. It is a simple courtesy for someone who is nice enough to send you an invitation.

RSVP is written on almost every invitation. This is so that the guests would know who to contact to inform if they are coming, how many are coming or if not, reason why they cannot attend the event. For weddings, this is very important since determining the number of guests coming will give you the idea of how much you need to prepare for food and drinks, how big the venue should be and how many seats are needed to be reserved.

Guests should understand that RSVP is not just a list of numbers on the invitation. It is there for you to respond and give the host your answer to the invitation. Unfortunately, this is not true in the Philippines. Even with the highlighted RSVP font in wedding invitations, guests still tend to neglect them. Out of all the weddings I have handled over the last 2years, I can still count how many guests responded to RSVP. I don't know if it has become a practice but couples, to ensure that they will have enough space for the guests and enough food to eat at the reception, usually hire wedding coordinators to do the RSVP.

This may probably not a custom in our country but I think we can start learning the etiquette. Hosts have prepared so much for the event and would like for you to share their happiness. If you see an RSVP, grab your precious celphone and send your reply. It is that simple and it is but proper.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mamba-Villaflor Nuptials

I really laughed out loud when Dencio sent me a YM message asking why I haven't featured his wedding in this blog. I just can't help it. Primarily, because I thought he wouldn't want me to share the details of his wedding in my site.

Anyway, I actually don't intend to post much wedding outside Bride's Company. Why? I don't want other planners to think that I am using their events for my personal gain. Nevertheless, I can't say no to a friend! And since I already got the permission of the groom, I am so blessed to write an article about a wedding so unique and extravagant!

As a brief introduction, the groom, Dencio was my former boss (uhurm) and friend of course! We worked together for more than 3 years and I've known him having Charo by his side since then. When one day, he called me (well, not only me I bet!) saying he's going to propose on a cruise, I was so surprised. I mean, not the proposal but really, you're getting married, I asked? If you know him, you really won't believe at first but then, he got married and I know, we know, that Charo was the only woman he loved and will ever love - *wink wink*

The Bridal March

Their wedding was held at The Fernwood Gardens last December 23, 2008. That evening, the venue was full of politicians and good friends of the couple. The priest (I should mention it!) was really astounding. He was so clever and funny. We can't help but giggle at his jokes during the Homily and in fairness, he delivered a good one.

Dencio, with the Priest
(was this taken during your confession?)

At the reception, we met old friends, colleagues and even former Japanese bosses. During the program, we were able to watch a very very funny AVP which - really, I did not expect for a wedding. But you know, it was really good (see HERE). Official wedding photos and videos were taken by Til's Digital Photography and Videography.

The food from Centertable was also great. It showed the couple's passion for good food. The wine and champaigne keep on coming. Dencio's arrogance is really in the air! Hahaha! Don't worry, he is well aware of it. He even told me the price of each of the wine served!

The musician - Da Capo, did a great job. They are not just musicians but instrumentalist. Each of their members know how to play at least 2 or 3 instruments which they showed during the entire event.

Charo and Dencio after the ceremony

Overall, the wedding was perfect for me. It was a very blissful wedding which Dencio and Charo should be proud about. Not your usual wedding though, but surely one that you will NEVER forget.


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bridal Emergency Kit

Hands-on bride? If your answer is yes, then read. I've discussed in my other post the things that couple should do from the planning stage to the wedding day with the assumption that the plan is a year before the event. Now, if you have no on-the-day wedding coordinator, a bride surely must have a couple of things to prepare and bring in the hotel, church up to the reception - that is, her own Bridal Emergency Kit.

What is a Bridal Emergency Kit? - It is a collection of items and tools that a bride should have on her wedding day just in case something unexpected happens. This of course should not be carried personally by the bride. She can entrust this to someone, a family member would be best.

Why do we need a Bridal Emergency Kit?
- On almost all occasions, some things that are unexpected happens. But on a wedding where the bride and the groom planned everything with care and utmost detailed were fully considered, everything has to be as seamless as possible. With that in mind, a bride would naturally think that she has to prepare for everything that could come along the way, little mishaps and emergencies included. That is why this kit will aid her in taking care of those tiny glitches that can possibly ruin the event.

What comprises the Bridal Emergency Kit?
- Below is a list of some things that a bride must include in the her bridal kit and some information why they are needed.

  • MEDICINES - antacids, pain relievers, loperamides, anti-allergy and personal maintenance medicines should there be any.
  • EXTRA HOSIERY - just in case you need to change or the one you're using gets a bad run.
  • NAIL POLISH - a clear one. can be used in stocking runs too and can easily fix chipped polish.
  • MINTS - clearly. to keep your breath fresh. remember, you will be mingling with so many guests!
  • HANKY - to dab those tears away or to clear some smudges like lipsticks or make-up.
  • HAIR PINS - a must. to keep hair in place. i've actually done a wedding where the florist put a safety pin on the flowers girls' head dress instead of a hair pin. this always come in handy in almost all weddings.
  • SAFETY PINS - another must have.
  • THREADS & NEEDLES - just in case something out of the ordinary happens, you are always pretty and ready to take care of everything.
  • SCISSORS - a small scissor will do. can be for loose strings, tags, etc.
  • BOTTLED WATER, BISCUIT & STRAW - bride's have a lot of preparation to do before even getting in the church. she can get hungry and thirsty. a biscuit will be good and to avoid a lipstick smudge, drink with a straw.

This kit actually doesn't have to be for the bride alone. In case something happens to anyone in your bridal party, you can always offer your help. They will be thankful for you having this kit prepared.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Top 10 EC Droppers for January 2009

This is the first time for The Wedding Gazette to thank all who have visited my site and dropped ECs. I really appreciate your time and effort in doing so. Please do visit often and feel free to leave your comments. It will be highly appreciated ^_^

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  2. Blog De Manila - eric has become a friend since i've been into blogging. a blogger with a kind heart and is keen in helping other bloggers improve their traffic, earn money and the like.
  3. Chopsticks - The One and Only Original Chopsticks Blogger - just recently known the author but you will surely be amazed on the menus he present in his blog.
  4. Janrafi - a very young and beautiful blogger who aims to become financially independent and get rich through passive income. very interesting posts.
  5. Peek Tech Blog - a sneek peek of the latest technology...sometimes really high-tech for me. he's got reviews of gadgets and other gizmos too!
  6. Healthy Embrace - talk about health, healthy food and ways to keep you healthy. it's all in here.
  7. Hot In Singapore - angie, is a Malaysian who used to live in Switzerland and now in Singapore because of her husband's work. from all the pics in her blog, i can say she loves travelling.
  8. Life According To Me - ane, a fellow pinay and young blogger who loves her family so much. she's one of the first bloggers i've known when i was just starting.
  9. Smiley Earth Blog - a blog about travel, travel guides, tips and information you will need if you are planning on a getaway.
  10. My Life's Adventure - gen, is a pinay mom living in the US and is now making starting to make site designs as a hobby and additional income. if you want new design for your site, just contact her.
Thank you for regularly visiting my blog.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Wedding Planning

He already popped the question and you answered "Yes". After the euphoria, you are already engaged. and next would be...planning for your wedding day.

Most brides opt to be a hands-on bride when it comes to preparing their own wedding, even if their schedule is too busy. Here are a few tips on how you can handle the hassle and bustle of wedding preparation:

12months before the wedding.

Choose the date - first things first, this is where you will start. talk to your fiance about the date you want your wedding to be. if possible, plan when the time as well. this will help you in choosing your options when booking your preferred church.

List the wedding necessities - list down the things you need to prepare. below is a sample list (based on my order of priority - you are free to modify)

  • church (requirements - CENOMAR, birth certificates, baptismal certificates, etc.)
  • reception venue
  • photographer
  • videographer
  • caterer
  • couturier
  • events stylist
  • florist
  • wedding rings
  • hair and make up artist
  • musicians
  • invitation
  • souvenirs
  • host/emcee
  • bridal suite
  • special effects

Book the first 5 suppliers listed above - why? because these suppliers are often booked as early as 12-24 months before the actual event. plus, when you book these suppliers early, the rate they gave you at the time of your booking will be your fixed rate. should their rates increase the following year, you will not be affected anymore. make sure though that you have thoroughly checked their offers, too! do not book just because you want to assure the rate. it is just an added factor and savings.

  • Church - check on the requirements needed by the church first so you can start working on them. i listed some above. check what they have to offer. do they have flower arrangement already? if they already have flower arrangement, it is most likely that you will save a portion of your budget for the florist since they will no longer handle the church arrangement. do they have their own musicians? if so, you can try watching their performance when there is a wedding - you will see how they do. if you liked them, get it. musicians are also expensive nowadays. what are their restrictions? of course you need to check on this so you'll know their do's and dont's.
  • Reception Venue - scout on different venues and check on their offers. as much as possible, select a venue near the church. this is so that you won't need to provide additional transportation to your relatives, guests. venue should also have the generators - in case of power failure. if you want a garden venue, make sure to rent tents (be prepared that even on summer, rain could come anytime)
  • Photo/Video - most photographers offer photo/video in one package. there are a lot of suppliers who are credible enough and offer photo/video in one contract. you can save more from this. plus, you can check their packages and you'll see, there are a lot of freebies like, sign frames, sign book, tarps, etc.
  • Caterer - do check on a couple of reputable caterers. don't just stick to one. try at least 3 food tastings and check which one fits your taste buds and your budget. catering can eat up most of your wedding budget, you know. make sure you've also decided on how many guests you would want to attend and witness your wedding. number of guests is the primary question a caterer would ask from you.

9 months before the wedding

Choose your couturier - go to someone you trust. even if you have already bought all the bridal magazines to check on the wedding gown of your dreams...chances are, the gown doesn't fit your physique. it is better to consult your couturier about it. he should know what is better for you and i suggest you take his suggestions.

Choose your entourage - it's now time to choose your entourage. you can either get a separate couturier for them or not. i'd go to the same couturier - you can get additional discount when you get all the gowns from him. and who says he can't concentrate on your wedding gown if you also get the entourage attire from him? do you ever think you're the only customer he'll get? even if you don't get all the attire from him, truth is he has other customers he might consider if you only get a gown from him.

Choose your event stylist - this is just optional. you can check with your venue how they'd style the place and caterers also offer decorations for the wedding. if you have budget and can afford an event stylist, go for it.

Wedding rings - get a jeweler to design your wedding rings or you can go directly to stores and order an existing design. it's up to you but you have to prepare this early so you'll still have time if there are concerns on your order. remember, rings play a vital part of the wedding ceremony.

6months before the wedding

Choose your make up artist, musicians and calligrapher - do trial make-up so you'll know the possible outcome and flaws that could arise on the actual wedding day make-up. for your invites, make sure to proofread the invitation before having it printed to avoid print errors. for your musicians - you can ask them for a gig schedule so that you can watch their performance.

Go to your fitting - this should be your first fitting. have the entourage's gown fitting as well

3 months before the wedding

Check out the souvenirs you want - you can have a DIY souvenirs. just go stores and select the souvenirs you want. seek help from friends and family in designing them. this is fun =)

Get a good host/emcee - emcees have profiles on their pages which you may want to review. otherwise, if you really don't know one, you can ask referrals from caterers and other suppliers. hint - some caterers have inhouse host but some of their inhouse hosts are also freelancers. you can check their performance on an actual wedding - just let them know you'll need to check how they do and they will let you.

Go to your fitting - this should be the second fitting. have your entourage's attire fitting as well.

Get your wedding rings - if you ordered, this is the time you should get it.

Send your invitations - send your invitations early and have the guest RSVP.

1month before the wedding

Book your bridal suite - you should have one for your preparation. it is common now to book the same hotel for the bride and groom (to save time and effort on the photo/videographers).

Get your wedding attires - by this time, you, your groom, parents and the rest of the entourage should have their attires.

Do your stuffs - get your facials, massage and everything for yourself. do not get a facial 1 week before the wedding. you wouldn't want to have a pimple on your big day!

1 week before the wedding

Pack for the hotel and your honeymoon - start packing your stuffs for the hotel. separate your honeymoon luggage. bring in your emergency pack (extra hosiery, lipstick, oil remover, needles and thread, medicines, pins) - this could come in handy =)

1 day before the wedding

Prepare and proceed to the hotel - eat dinner and go to your hotel. sleep early and relax


Relax - this is your day. You've done everything to prepare for it so relax, take a deep breath and smile all the time.

If this post helped you in anyway, please let me know =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Just Can't Get Enough

Today, I came across a blogspot page and happened to like his site. I then, searched for the creator of the skin and checked on other themes he has and look at this new's sooo charming. Guess, I won't stop searching for templates until I find the one I really like.

Hmm, for now I think I will stick with this until I see the design I am asking from a friend. Hope she'll be able to generate something for me. I can't wait!

Let's see in a couple of days or probably weeks?

Monday, January 26, 2009

Wedding Accessories Anyone?

When I started my wedding coordination business, I met a couple of experienced coordinators and wedding vendors who really became my inspiration and yes, some of them became my friends and mentors. One of them happens to be the beautiful Ms. Gerri Diokno of Home and Bridal Essentials.

When I first saw her creations, I was really in awe to see that such creations exist and I never had the chance to discover them when I got married! If only I can turn back time. But then, to ease my frustration, whenever I have clients and they would look for wedding accessories, I would always recommend her. Though I was not able to have these items for my wedding, I am delighted to see my brides have these on theirs. They were just irresistible. Here are some of her creations, see for yourself!

Two Hearts
(bible, pillows, second veil, unity candle set, flutes, cake cutter)

(flutes, invitation, cord)

Hair Vines


I simply love them! Oh, did I not tell you yet? These pieces are 100% originally designed and hand-made by Ms. Gerri and that's what makes it even more special. Oh and by the way, I am not, in any form, being paid for to post this. Neither I am advertising the products for my own good. This post is just a review of one of the products that I know best.

So girls, if you are a bride planning your wedding and would want to check or ask her for a particular piece that you would want to have on your wedding, here are her contact details:

Home and Bridal Essentials
Gerri Diokno
(strictly by appointment only)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Looking New?

Yeah! I happened to see this design from Simply Fabulous Blogger Templates and here, I was able to get a layout I like, finally! Do you like it?

I have been wanting to change the layout since day 1 but I can't seem to find the right one that suits my taste. And after a couple of weeks blog hopping and searching for designs and even requesting for some quotes (yes, I was willing to pay just to get a fabulous skin), I found this and I am so happy with the result. Though it was not a 3-column layout with 2 right sidebars, it's fine by me. I really liked it.

Oh and by the way, Lena (the author of the site above) got a couple more layouts so check her site if you are in search of designs. Hers are so nice. I highly recommend them.

Thanks Lena for making such a nice skin.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Alvarez - Lingao Nuptial

Allow me to reminisce the days when Bride's Company officially started operating. I have been doing weddings for free before I officially started my very own coordinating firm. I've done events for relatives and friends and that is where I discovered that I can handle an event.

The very first couple who trusted us their wedding? They are Myrna and Miguel Alvarez. The couple was referred to me by my friend who knew I was starting a coordinating firm late 2006. Myrna was her officemate and she was introduced to me via SMS. On our first meeting, I was very nervous because this is the first time that I will be hired as Bride's Company Events Specialist coordinator and not as a friend. And so, I met the couple.

Myrna, was very very friendly. She wants a detailed wedding yet she still want to keep it to her budget. And for that, you will become proud of her for she has gotten the wedding she wants within the budget the set. A very careful money handler. Miguel, on the other hand was very considerate. For starters, we've had several flaws, I must admit. But you know what, Miguel understood that we were still on the process of learning, in an official events coordinating environment.

I would like to tell you that without Myrna and Miguel, we will never be where we are now. They have helped us a lot during our learning stages and they were very supportive and understanding. Your is an unforgettable wedding.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A Client Feedback

What do you think is the most important thing to receive for us events planners? Feedbacks! Yes, we love to hear from our clients about the service we rendered. This will generally help us identify what we lack and what we still need to improve from the perspective of our customers.

Today, I was very very glad to hear from a bride that their family was very very happy about our services during their wedding last December. I haven't blogged about the wedding yet because I still don't have pictures but I want to share to everyone that this day is again another day when I received a sincere "Thank You!" from a bride for a job well done.

I still have to get permission from the couple to blog about their wedding, too! I don't want issues to arise so I want to be on the safe side =)

Anyway, that's all for now. Pictures to follow when I already got the approval.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Weddings and Wedding Planners

Weddings are such a very happy event for a couple who will finally tie the knot to forever seal their love for each other. Wedding planners, on the other hand, are the ones who get so busy preparing this event in behalf of the couple. Why do they complement?
Wedding planners are not the one of the most sought-after supplier/vendor for weddings way back 10 years ago. For most couples, they are just additional expenses for a wedding. Most of them think that a wedding could pass through the assistance of relatives, family and friends. Hiring a wedding planner during these times would mean you have the luxury to spend additional for unnecessary expenses. Yes, planners are often tagged as unnecessary expenses even during these days. Is it perhaps, people don't really mean how important planners are during these times?

Allow me to share with you my own personal experience and my perception about wedding planners when I was planning my very own wedding. I thought I'm a super bride. I can do every thing without the assistance of anybody. But yes, I did! However, there were consequences to my being brave-enough-to-shoulder-everything drama. I took care of all the major details. My dream reception setup was brought to reality - it was really hard labor setting up a stage on top of a swimming pool while the foundations were set underwater. Most of the suppliers I got became my friends and up until now, my contacts. But hey, the minor details were forgotten - the bible, the rosary, the matches. Simply because everyone is busy during that day. My friends whom I entrusted everything were just as excited as I am and eventually forgot what their tasks were. It did not end there. Because of being busy taking care of everything, I got sick and I am sick on the day of my wedding.

My personal experience proved that having a wedding planner is just as important as having a caterer on your wedding. Why? Even only for the wedding day itself, you will need someone, experienced and reliable to do the things that you will not be able to take care of during your big day! How about your family or friends? Well, they deserve to be happy on your wedding day as well and they are your guests, not your servants for the day =). There is also a misconception that your sponsors (maid of honor, bridesmaids) are your supposed to be coordinators on the wedding day. Well, to tell you, you chose them to be by your side on your wedding day because you want them to cherish that wonderful moment with you and they are there to share your joy. They can be there to help but hey...don't they deserve to sit and enjoy your wedding? Think about it.

Nowadays, wedding planners are everywhere. Almost every couple hire one just to ensure that their wedding will go on smoothly as planned and not a minor detail will be forgotten. Planners are now of importance simply because most couples already realized that hiring one would mean additional cost but it really means you save a lot of work. The budget you set can be managed by your coordinators so that you won't go beyond your set allowance for the event. Reputable suppliers are also recommended to you to lessen the leg work and sourcing out. So think. There are still more that planners can do. Just talk to them and let them know what your requirements are. They will help.

If you are to get married, would you hire one?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Dorado - Del Rosario Nuptials

The images are not all ready yet. I have already edited a few but I assume that the bride is really really waiting for this (I love you, sis!). Anyway, pardon me for the time being for you will only see a couple of pictures on my shutterfly account since all the pictures were taken in raw format and I can't edit everything yet. But, I guarantee you will see more on RD and Tinee's site. She's not really much into pictures you know (sarcasm).

photo taken by hubby

I personally know the couple for they are my friends. Tinee, is my batch mate in our previous company. Both of us were hired on the same day. As the company tradition, new joiners are to be introduced across all departments in the office. We went through several departments and on one, there is RD. RD, who has remain single for the longest time, was not really looking out for a girlfriend. Known for loving his family and being a responsible son, he never played with girls once. And just simply because they glanced at each other meaningfully during the introduction, a spark of love came alive and that moment marked the day they fell in love with each other.

Five years passed and they decided to tie the knot to seal their love for eternity. It was solemnized at the Chapel of Transfiguration of Jesus in Caleruega, Batangas last November 28, 2008. The touching exchange of vows made me walk out of the chapel to avoid being caught by the camera crying. And my guess was right, those who cried were shown in the onsite AVP at the reception. The program was hosted by Missy and was held at Splendido. The site is very very nice. You will be mesmerized at how it was designed beautifully!

photo taken by Bimbo

The event was enjoyed by everyone. Family, relatives and friends from different companies, batches and housemates were present to witness this wonderful event and the couple were very lovely that day. Tinee is radiantly glowing with the make up that made her look her best (finally, you didn't look like a homo - hehe). The make up was just right and the lips, the lips were so red! Charming!

photo taken by Pat Dy

The event was coordinated by Kath Lee of 168 Events Management - she is the Matron of Honor and one of the bride's best friend. Photography was handled by Pat Dy who captured every moment superbly beautiful. Bob Nicolas on videography and he presented the guests with one of his best onsite AVP creations. The setup done by Splendido was very fascinating. The food was great! There is a live feed so all the guests could see what is happening at the program area.

The program ended with a blast of fireworks - beautiful!

photo taken by Bimbo

Pardon me for the few pics, sis - just visit it next time and there is more to come! Congratulations and best wishes!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wedding by the Lake?

Since this is the very first official entry for this blog, allow me to let you know why I came across the picture as the site header for the time being...yes, I plan to update the picture from time to time for my readers to have something to look after every time they open the site.

Well, the picture is the wedding of my sister-in-law last February 23, 2008. It was held at Christ the King Parish in Muzon and the reception was at Lake Villa. So have you got any clue from there?

white tulips for the Bridal bouquet from Kuya Neil of Perfect Joyce

the couple at the Lake Villa Resort

after the ceremony

The wedding was very solemn and the ceremony was touching with their exchange of vows. As the event planner of this very momentous occasion, I showered the bride with loose petals while entering the church (one of my staffs went all the way up to the choir area to do it). And again, more loose petals upon recessional.

outside the church

jaguar mkV from Don Robert's Bridal Cars

The catering was done by Marielle's Catering headed by Marinel. The food was great and the overall setup was handled by Kuya Neil of Perfect Joyce. Quite a tedious wedding for there are a lot of last minute changes but the effort was paid off. The program which was hosted by Dr. Lovina Vaswani was amazing and the guests enjoyed the games. We prepared some nice games for the couples which was participated by the relatives. It was fun!

post ceremony pictorial at the lake side

my favorite shot - still at the lake side

Although the couple lives in Canada and we barely had enough time to talk, AIM and Yahoo Messenger became our best buddies in terms of communication. This is not the first time handling an overseas couple, but this is the first time I handled an overseas couple for Full Coordination - thanks to Isis (my other sis-in-law) for being at my side all the time.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Introducing - The Wedding Gazette

Finally, on the 1st of January 2009, I am officially announcing my official wedding blogsite. Personally, I did not use my company name on the blog for it is not search friendly.

Well, just to give you an idea, this site will be all about my wedding coordinating experiences and thoughts as well as lessons learned and the recent happenings on my events. I will be posting here pictures, advice, tips and guides for brides and grooms.

So to those who are planning on getting married, this is the one site for you so keep on reading.