Monday, January 19, 2009

Alvarez - Lingao Nuptial

Allow me to reminisce the days when Bride's Company officially started operating. I have been doing weddings for free before I officially started my very own coordinating firm. I've done events for relatives and friends and that is where I discovered that I can handle an event.

The very first couple who trusted us their wedding? They are Myrna and Miguel Alvarez. The couple was referred to me by my friend who knew I was starting a coordinating firm late 2006. Myrna was her officemate and she was introduced to me via SMS. On our first meeting, I was very nervous because this is the first time that I will be hired as Bride's Company Events Specialist coordinator and not as a friend. And so, I met the couple.

Myrna, was very very friendly. She wants a detailed wedding yet she still want to keep it to her budget. And for that, you will become proud of her for she has gotten the wedding she wants within the budget the set. A very careful money handler. Miguel, on the other hand was very considerate. For starters, we've had several flaws, I must admit. But you know what, Miguel understood that we were still on the process of learning, in an official events coordinating environment.

I would like to tell you that without Myrna and Miguel, we will never be where we are now. They have helped us a lot during our learning stages and they were very supportive and understanding. Your is an unforgettable wedding.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.