Monday, January 5, 2009

Dorado - Del Rosario Nuptials

The images are not all ready yet. I have already edited a few but I assume that the bride is really really waiting for this (I love you, sis!). Anyway, pardon me for the time being for you will only see a couple of pictures on my shutterfly account since all the pictures were taken in raw format and I can't edit everything yet. But, I guarantee you will see more on RD and Tinee's site. She's not really much into pictures you know (sarcasm).

photo taken by hubby

I personally know the couple for they are my friends. Tinee, is my batch mate in our previous company. Both of us were hired on the same day. As the company tradition, new joiners are to be introduced across all departments in the office. We went through several departments and on one, there is RD. RD, who has remain single for the longest time, was not really looking out for a girlfriend. Known for loving his family and being a responsible son, he never played with girls once. And just simply because they glanced at each other meaningfully during the introduction, a spark of love came alive and that moment marked the day they fell in love with each other.

Five years passed and they decided to tie the knot to seal their love for eternity. It was solemnized at the Chapel of Transfiguration of Jesus in Caleruega, Batangas last November 28, 2008. The touching exchange of vows made me walk out of the chapel to avoid being caught by the camera crying. And my guess was right, those who cried were shown in the onsite AVP at the reception. The program was hosted by Missy and was held at Splendido. The site is very very nice. You will be mesmerized at how it was designed beautifully!

photo taken by Bimbo

The event was enjoyed by everyone. Family, relatives and friends from different companies, batches and housemates were present to witness this wonderful event and the couple were very lovely that day. Tinee is radiantly glowing with the make up that made her look her best (finally, you didn't look like a homo - hehe). The make up was just right and the lips, the lips were so red! Charming!

photo taken by Pat Dy

The event was coordinated by Kath Lee of 168 Events Management - she is the Matron of Honor and one of the bride's best friend. Photography was handled by Pat Dy who captured every moment superbly beautiful. Bob Nicolas on videography and he presented the guests with one of his best onsite AVP creations. The setup done by Splendido was very fascinating. The food was great! There is a live feed so all the guests could see what is happening at the program area.

The program ended with a blast of fireworks - beautiful!

photo taken by Bimbo

Pardon me for the few pics, sis - just visit it next time and there is more to come! Congratulations and best wishes!


oranghutan said...

Wedding? That's a jolly good idea for blogging and a very happy one too!
All the best from Angie

mye said...

hi angie - thanks for dropping by =) hope you come often and feel free to leave your comments.

Umma said...

Hello Mye.. this is your other blog too? Nice site my dear.. will add this one on my blog list.

mye said...

hi umma - yep, i separated my events from the other blog to minimize the topics i need to maintain

this is to promote my events planning company also =)