Monday, January 26, 2009

Wedding Accessories Anyone?

When I started my wedding coordination business, I met a couple of experienced coordinators and wedding vendors who really became my inspiration and yes, some of them became my friends and mentors. One of them happens to be the beautiful Ms. Gerri Diokno of Home and Bridal Essentials.

When I first saw her creations, I was really in awe to see that such creations exist and I never had the chance to discover them when I got married! If only I can turn back time. But then, to ease my frustration, whenever I have clients and they would look for wedding accessories, I would always recommend her. Though I was not able to have these items for my wedding, I am delighted to see my brides have these on theirs. They were just irresistible. Here are some of her creations, see for yourself!

Two Hearts
(bible, pillows, second veil, unity candle set, flutes, cake cutter)

(flutes, invitation, cord)

Hair Vines


I simply love them! Oh, did I not tell you yet? These pieces are 100% originally designed and hand-made by Ms. Gerri and that's what makes it even more special. Oh and by the way, I am not, in any form, being paid for to post this. Neither I am advertising the products for my own good. This post is just a review of one of the products that I know best.

So girls, if you are a bride planning your wedding and would want to check or ask her for a particular piece that you would want to have on your wedding, here are her contact details:

Home and Bridal Essentials
Gerri Diokno
(strictly by appointment only)


Cecile said...

these are so cute, made me think like marrying my hubby for the second time :-)

mye said...

hi cecile - why not? hehe...other couples renew their vows after 10years of being married ^_^