Friday, January 2, 2009

Wedding by the Lake?

Since this is the very first official entry for this blog, allow me to let you know why I came across the picture as the site header for the time being...yes, I plan to update the picture from time to time for my readers to have something to look after every time they open the site.

Well, the picture is the wedding of my sister-in-law last February 23, 2008. It was held at Christ the King Parish in Muzon and the reception was at Lake Villa. So have you got any clue from there?

white tulips for the Bridal bouquet from Kuya Neil of Perfect Joyce

the couple at the Lake Villa Resort

after the ceremony

The wedding was very solemn and the ceremony was touching with their exchange of vows. As the event planner of this very momentous occasion, I showered the bride with loose petals while entering the church (one of my staffs went all the way up to the choir area to do it). And again, more loose petals upon recessional.

outside the church

jaguar mkV from Don Robert's Bridal Cars

The catering was done by Marielle's Catering headed by Marinel. The food was great and the overall setup was handled by Kuya Neil of Perfect Joyce. Quite a tedious wedding for there are a lot of last minute changes but the effort was paid off. The program which was hosted by Dr. Lovina Vaswani was amazing and the guests enjoyed the games. We prepared some nice games for the couples which was participated by the relatives. It was fun!

post ceremony pictorial at the lake side

my favorite shot - still at the lake side

Although the couple lives in Canada and we barely had enough time to talk, AIM and Yahoo Messenger became our best buddies in terms of communication. This is not the first time handling an overseas couple, but this is the first time I handled an overseas couple for Full Coordination - thanks to Isis (my other sis-in-law) for being at my side all the time.


Cecile said...

visiting your other blog :-) hope you are doing well, have a nice day!

mye said...

hi cecile - thanks for dropping by. please do come often. this is my other hobby - events planning =)

Cecile said...

i just sent carlota an email, hope she will not be busy so she can contact you back ;-)

mye said...

hi cecile - thank you so much for taking time to contact carlota... i see you visited this site and you know why i am unhappy about the layout. it just doesn't fit - unlike blog appetite where i really enjoy every minute looking at it.