Saturday, February 7, 2009

Top 10 EC Droppers for January 2009

This is the first time for The Wedding Gazette to thank all who have visited my site and dropped ECs. I really appreciate your time and effort in doing so. Please do visit often and feel free to leave your comments. It will be highly appreciated ^_^

  1. Sci-fi Chrome - movie and book reviews blog. articles are very interesting. you will surely love his blog if you are a fan of good movies and books.
  2. Blog De Manila - eric has become a friend since i've been into blogging. a blogger with a kind heart and is keen in helping other bloggers improve their traffic, earn money and the like.
  3. Chopsticks - The One and Only Original Chopsticks Blogger - just recently known the author but you will surely be amazed on the menus he present in his blog.
  4. Janrafi - a very young and beautiful blogger who aims to become financially independent and get rich through passive income. very interesting posts.
  5. Peek Tech Blog - a sneek peek of the latest technology...sometimes really high-tech for me. he's got reviews of gadgets and other gizmos too!
  6. Healthy Embrace - talk about health, healthy food and ways to keep you healthy. it's all in here.
  7. Hot In Singapore - angie, is a Malaysian who used to live in Switzerland and now in Singapore because of her husband's work. from all the pics in her blog, i can say she loves travelling.
  8. Life According To Me - ane, a fellow pinay and young blogger who loves her family so much. she's one of the first bloggers i've known when i was just starting.
  9. Smiley Earth Blog - a blog about travel, travel guides, tips and information you will need if you are planning on a getaway.
  10. My Life's Adventure - gen, is a pinay mom living in the US and is now making starting to make site designs as a hobby and additional income. if you want new design for your site, just contact her.
Thank you for regularly visiting my blog.


janrafi said...

wow thanks for including me. ^_^

just a quick correction to the link to my site pls. thanks! (http http)